Are you paying too much tax?

Some of the advantages of engaging professional valuers:

It is very important that you have an accurate stock figure in your accounts both at the beginning and the end of your trading year. This will assist your accountant in producing accurate accounts for presentation to the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise.

Our comprehensive category breakdown will assist you in making important management decisions such as: 'Security measures', 'Insurance premium levels', and 'old or discontinued stock.'

Freeing your staff from executing an unfamiliar and, almost always, unpopular chore - which often leads to errors being made due to a lack of comprehension regarding accounting procedures. This prevents any erosion of job satisfaction enjoyed by staff, and leaves them free to concentrate on their primary duties, i.e. selling.

The peace of mind that ensues from being able to trust competent professionals.

Virtually eliminates the time wasted by yourself, and allows you to concentrate on running your business.